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Nets: DMR Nets

Times are in Central (CST) Sunday 01:00PM EU ENG TG-92 01:10PM CO DAILY WX TG-310815 02:00PM Europe TG-92 06:00PM Hot Spots / HAM Radio TG-31772 06:00PM Light Christian TG-31479 06:00PM Young Persons 31012 07:00PM So East FL Tech TG-3112529 07:00PM TAC310 DMR-MARC TG-310 07:30PM CONN TG-3109 07:30PM IO STATEWIDE TG-3119 08:00PM DMR-Track TG-31489 08:00PM VE7LE […]

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Nets: Amateur Radio Net Formats

An Amateur Radio Net, or simply Ham net, is an “on-the-air” gathering of Amateur Radio operators. The word “net” is short for “network”. Networks can be defined as groups of equipment, individuals, and/or agencies acting together to increase efficiency and effectiveness through shared information and resources. The word “network” can be further broken down into […]

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Nets: Amateur Radio Net Protocol

A “Net” is an on-the-air meeting of amateur radio operators. Usually, the group’s discussion centers on a particular topic-in our case, emergency communications and associated topics. Nets are usually held on a regular basis on a predetermined frequency. Most nets are “directed nets” meaning there are certain rules that must be followed. One operator, acting […]