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Field Day 2018 Highlights

There were many helping hands making this a successful weekend.
Our Radio team consisted of 
  • Art Lewis WA8VSJ
  • Jerry Zaza W4BFL
  • Mike Seigel W2RT
  • Lou Hodges W9IL
  • Jeff Ronner W4AEQ
Our MIS team consisted of 
  • Jeff Ronner W4AEQ
  • Less Kalmus W2LK
  • Jerry Zaza W 4BFL
  • Bruce Ratoff KO4XL
We were fortunate to have the chef services of 
  • John Holzapfel KE4IDW
  • Kathryn Holzapfel KN4MCB
  • Jackson Quarquesso KM4MFZ
The statistics have not been finalized yet but here are some highlights
  • Planning for this event began in April of this year
  • Our event was made public on Facebook and our website
  • We sent invitations to over 27 politicians and government representatives
  • We got responses from
    • Governor Scott
    • Sen Rubio
    • Boca Raton Mayor Singer
    • Delray Beach Assistant Fire Chief Green
    • State Representative Frankel
  • Of these invited, we had visits from agency officials of the Red Cross
  • We enjoyed three chef prepared meals and various member prepared foods and drinks
  • We operated on emergency power from a 5k watt gasoline powered generator
  • We also operated on solar charged batteries
  • We completed an educational and instructional component where visitors learned about a technical subject area of amateur radio
  • We had an FAU student operate successfully for the first time for several hours
  • We had over 1730 contacts which is an increase over the 2017 contacts of 1024 for an net change of 68 percent
  • We operated CW (morse code), phone (using your voice) and digital PACKET using a computer interface to the radios
  • We operated for 24 hours non-stop
  • We passed (sent) 13 verbal traffic messages into the national traffic system
  • We made at least 2 satellite contacts
  • We had 72 possible time slots available to work on 3 radios and all these slots were filled
  • Before the event began 85 percent of these slots were reserved by club members
  • There were 19 members signed up to act as standby operators
  • We had over 53 people visit our site
  • We started setting up at 7am Saturday and completed the breakdown at 3.30pm Sunday
  • We experienced a brief thunderstorm Saturday
  • All radio operations occured in our AC FPL construction trailer
  • The national traffic messages were sent on a VHF go kit Kenwood TR-71A dual band radio on battery power outside the ham shack
  • The final results will be sent to ARRL (CLICK HERE FMI) in the next 30 days
  • We have over 126 active members in our organization
  • We ironed out our technical requirements the weekend before the event (16-JUNE)
  • This year we had minimal technical issue develop and those were quickly resolved
  • We used over 400 pounds of ice for drinks and food

When we get the detail FD2018 results, these will be posted for your review.

73 de N1QFH John.C  –  FD2018 Coordinator

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