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NEW March Fox hiding place | Sun-Mon NETS | Meeting Tue 3-APRIL at 7pm

Breakfast 9am Tuesdays 2018
20-MAR3Gs5869 W Atlantic Ave
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SKYWARN Spotter Training Schedule
Location: Broward County EOC, 201 NW 84th Ave Plantation, FL
When: Saturday, February 24th 930AM to 230PM
Contact: Robin Terrill

  Web based FoxHunt Goal, Rules, Awards  
GOAL: In an effort to have fun and become more comfortable with the BRARA website, find the web FOX embedded somewhere on BRARA.ORG site
RULES and AWARDS: This will be a monthly challenge where any BRARA member who is LOGGED ON and finds and clicks on the FOX will be recorded. All Directors may participate but are excluded from any awards. First FOX finder is winner will be awarded some nominal gift not to exceed 10$ such as coffee card etc. The results are announced and awarded at monthly meeting. The FOX location is then reset after the monthly meeting.

  If you need help logging onto BRARA.ORG, contact John. N1QFH

  Amateur Radio Factoid  
James Brown is to Funk as Hiram P Maxim is to Ham Radio.
Hiram P. Maxim is a descendant of Hiram S. Maxim, the inventor of the Maxim machine gun. Tinkering was the family trade. So not surprising that the young Mr. Maxim was a mechanical engineering student. He graduated from Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1886. Like dad he worked on firearms and patented a silencer in 1908. But he also worked on cars... and of course radio. More here.

H.P. Maxim had the amateur call signs SNY, 1WH, 1ZM, 1AW, and W1AW. That last one lives on as the ARRL Headquarters club station call sign. One of his transmitters, a rotary spark-gap model named "Old Betsy" is enshrined there as well. ...And with good cause, he founded the ARRL in 1914. He described Ol' Betsy in an article in Radiogram magazine in 1915. "The receiving station outfit consists of a large loose coupler by means of which I can get very accurate tuning, an Audion Detector and variable condenser. The two sets of phones are usually connected in. The Transmitting sets consists of a 1K.W. specially made transformer, glass plate condenser, oscillation transformer, H. P. General Electric Company motor running specially built quenched rotary spark-gap."

Hiram founded the ARRL in 1914 because he saw an organized network was needed to relay radio messages. He had developed an interest in Amateur radio due to his son Hiram Hamilton's own interest. [why are they all named Hiram?] H.P. didn't even start to learn Morse code until he was at least 40. Hiram got together with the Radio Club of Hartford and began recruiting hams. It sounds like a nice quiet job organizing hobbyists but it wasn't. In those years there was no FCC not even an FRC. For good or ill there was no regulating body of any kind. So there was work to be done. By September of 1914, there were 237 relay stations on board. But then WWI began in and the Navy tightened controlled radio broadcasting.

H.P. organized a massive system test in 1916. He had a test message was sent to the Governors of every State, and President Wilson in Washington, D.C. The message was delivered to 34 States and the President within 60 minutes. A year later there were more than 1,000 ARRL relay stations and similar tests reduced that to 45 minutes. By 1921 it was less than seven. In 1918 he led a delegation to Washington to try to get ARRL member relay stations moved to 425 meters to facilitate long distance relays. At the time everyone was sharing 200 meters. He got the wartime ban lifted.

It is interesting to note that the so-called father of ham radio has several patents on cars, gun parts but none on radio gear. He had a couple patents for ammeter dials and battery indicators, the rest are all silencers and motor vehicle related, or both. He died in February, 1936. Read More

  BRARA Net Activity  
 2018-03-06 (PDF) CERT Net 
 2018-03-05 (PDF) VOICE-COMM / SoC.NBEMS 
 2018-03-04 (PDF) DMR Tech Net 
 2018-02-27 (PDF) CERT Net 
 2018-02-25 (PDF) DMR Tech Net 
 2018-02-18 (PDF) DMR Tech Net 
 2018-02-13 (PDF) CERT Net 
 2018-02-06 (PDF) CERT Net 
 2018-01-30 (PDF) CERT Net 
 2018-01-28 (PDF) DMR Tech Net 
 2018-01-21 (PDF) DMR Tech Net 
 2018-01-15 (PDF) CERT Net 
 2018-01-15 (PDF) VOICE-COMM / SoC.NBEMS 
 2018-01-14 (PDF) DMR Tech Net 
 2017-12-09 (PDF) CERT Net 
 2018-01-08 (PDF) VOICE-COMM / SoC.NBEMS 
 2017-12-09 (PDF) CERT Net 
 2018-01-07 (PDF) CERT Net< 
 2017-12-19 (PDF) CERT Net 
 2017-12-17 (PDF) DMR Tech Net 
 2017-12-18 (PDF) COMM Net 
 2017-12-11 (PDF) COMM Net 
 2017-12-12 (PDF) CERT Net 
 2017-12-10 (PDF) DMR Tech Net 
 2017-12-05 (PDF) CERT Net 
 2017-12-04 (PDF) COMM Net 
 2017-11-28 (PDF) CERT Net 
 2017-11-27 (PDF) COMM Net 
 2017-11-26 (PDF) DMR Tech Net 
 2017-11-21 (PDF) CERT Net 
 2017-11-20 (PDF) COMM Net 
 2017-11-19 (PDF) DMR Tech Net 
 2017-11-14 (PDF) CERT Net 
 2017-11-14 (PDF) COMM Net 
 2017-11-07 (PDF) CERT Net 
 2017-11-12 (PDF) DMR Tech Net 
 2017-11-06 (PDF) COMM Net 
 2017-11-05 (PDF) DMR Tech Net 
 2017-10-31 (PDF) CERT Net 
 2017-10-27 (PDF) DMR Tech Net Oct-2017 
 2017-10-16 (PDF) COMM Nets  
 2017-10-15 (PDF) DMR Tech Net 
 2017-10-10 (PDF) CERT Net 
 2017-10-09 (PDF) COMM Nets  
 2017-10-02 (PDF) COMM Nets  
 2017-10-01 (PDF) DMR Tech Net 
 2017-09-24 (PDF) DMR Tech Net 
 2017-09-18 (PDF) COMM Nets  
 2017-09-04 (PDF) COMM Nets  
 2017-09-03 (PDF) DMR Tech Net 
 2017-08-29 (PDF) BOCA CERT  
 2017-08-27 (PDF) DMR Tech Net 
 2017-08-14 (PDF) COMM Nets  

  Coordinated NETS  
  Daily06.00pmVHFGCARCTraffic Net
  Sun08.00pmUHFBRARADMR Tech Net TS2-TG2 / 31124
   09.00pmTG TyNetDMR Track TG-31489
  Mon07.00pmVHFBRARANew Hams Net
   07.30pmVHFBRARAInformation Net
   08.00pmVHFBRARASoCounty NBEMS
  Tue07.00pmUHFWPBARGLocal Net
   07.00pmUHFCERT CERT Plan A 470.400
   07.30pmUHFCERT CERT Plan B 145.290
   07.30pmVHFWARC SoCounty NBEMS
   08.00pmVHFWARC SlowScan
  Thur07.30pmVHFWARC Memory Lane Net
  If BRARA VHF repeater is down, use GCARC repeater

 VHFBRARA Analog 2m 145.290 PL 110.9
 UHFBRARA Analog 70cm 442.875 PL 110.9 +5Mhz
 VHFBRARA Packet 2m 145.070 144.390 APRS
 IP BRARA EchoLink Node 826953
 IP DMR Track TyNet TG 31489
 UHFDMR W2GGI 70cm 443.300 CC1 +5Mhz
 UHFCERT Analog Part-A70cm 470.400 PL 123.0 +3Mhz
 VHFCERT Analog Part-B2m 145.290 PL 110.9
 VHFGold Coast ARC 2m 146.610 PL 110.9 -600khz
 VHFGold Coast ARC 2m 146.820 PL 110.9 -600khz
 UHFGold Coast ARC 70cm 442.500 PL 110.9 +5Mhz
 UHFGold Coast Fusion70cm 442.200 PL 110.9 +5Mhz
 VHFGold Coast Fusion2m 145.340 PL 110.9 -600khz
 VHFAEC Repeater GRP 2m 146.670 PL 110.9 -600khz
 VHFWellington ARC 2m 147.285 PL 110.9 +600khz
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  The first lady ham radio operators
  Chak (VU2TTC): The blind Genious of ham radio in India
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  2018 Dues Notification  
   At the December 2, 2017 Board of Directors Meeting, the Board voted to set 2018 dues at $35. You can still beat the increase and save $10 if you renew at the old rate ($25) by December 31, 2017. Starting January 1, 2018 dues will be $35 per year.   

  Open House :: Wednesdays and Saturdays  
  From 11am at Club Station
  10875 W Atlantic Ave
  Delray Beach, FL USA.  (Click to view map)

  Held at 7pm on 1st Tues of the month at
  West Boca Library
  18685 State Road 7
  Boca Raton FL USA.  (Click to view map)

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