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Breakfast 9am Tuesdays 2017
21-NOVBagel TwinsSW corner Military & Linton
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2017-11-14 New DIGITAL page
This was added for BRARA members needing NBEMS information: MENU > SUPPORT > DIGITAL
2017-11-10 WLRN interview with Jeff.S K4BH
'When all else fails' interview of Jeff.S K4BH by WLRN's Peter Haden. Click to read 'When all else fails'
2017-11-09 Website Members Carousel Pictures
When viewing any BRARA pictures such as inventory or club activities that uses the Carousel process, you may now STOP, START, go to PRIOR or NEXT pictures. This was done per suggestion by a BRARA member. This is why we need more input from you: all ideas are welcome and good ideas are implemented.
2017-11-08 Website menu reorganized
The menu and access to many Member specific pages has been changed. This means Members must logon to see many website pages such as BLOG, Calendars and Meeting documents (Newletters, Minutes, Agendas). Non-members will see a smaller subset of Member menu items. Further, the home page has been reorganized into Member news, Recent news and New Links.
Tuesday Night CERT Nets returned
The Tuesday Night Greater Boca Raton/Delray Beach CERT Nets have returned. The Plan A City Repeater is operational on 470.400 Mhz and the Plan A Net begins at 19:00 ETZ (7:00 PM Local time). If you have a City-Supplied radio that is starting to show excessive wear (antenna falling apart or not working) let Gerry.G KG4FUR know if you are Boca and Ed know if you are Delray. As for Call Signs and IDs, please start using the new ones. We are more interested in re-establishing communication than enforcing radio procedure. That will come as we get more comfortable with the radios. Although the Plan B Amateur Radio Repeater is not operational, we have resumed the Plan B Net at 19:30 ETZ (7:30 PM local time) on the 145.290 MHz Repeater (PL 110.9). Thanks to the Boca Raton Amateur Radio Association for the use of their 2m repeater. All HAMS, regardless of CERT affiliation or certification, are encouraged to participate. Likewise, we are looking to reacquaint ourselves and not get bogged down in the procedures. We will make mistakes, but that is how we learn. Please be courteous and pause for 3 seconds between transmissions. Remember that only one person can talk at a time.
2018 Winter Field Day (WFDA)
Plans for a field day in 27-28 Janurary 2018 are forming. The idea is to give our snow bird members an opportunity to operate at our shack and to fine tune our setup and stations from the learnings of FD2017.

  Special Events  
  EVENT: Signup for 2017 Holiday Party
  When: Thu, December 21, 6pm - 8pm
  Where: Boca Linda
  Procedure: Members do following:
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  Amateur Radio Factoid  
About Samuel Morse
Samuel Morse was inspired to explore a means of rapid long distance communication after suffering a personal tragedy in 1825. While at Washington DC, Morse had received a letter from his father about his ailing wife's sudden death. By the time he reached his hometown New Haven she was already buried. He therefore resolved to devote himself to find a means of immediate communication after this incident.

Morse developed the concept of a single-wire telegraph after witnessing various experiments with Charles Thomas Jackson's electromagnet after meeting the fellow American in 1832 while in Europe.

Beginning in 1836, Samuel Morse, physicist Joseph Henry, and Alfred Vail developed a system that sent pulses of electric current along wires which controlled an electromagnet that was located at the receiving end of the telegraph system. A code was needed to transmit natural language using only these pulses, and the silence between them. Morse therefore developed the forerunner to modern International Morse code.

  Coordinated NETS  
  Daily06.00pmVHFGCARCTraffic Net
  Sun 08.00pmUHFBRARADMR Local Tech Net TS2-TG2
  Mon 07.00pmVHFBRARANew Hams Net
  Mon 07.30pmVHFBRARAInformation Net
  Mon 08.00pmVHFBRARASoCounty NBEMS
  Tue07.00pmUHFWPBARGLocal Net
  Tue07.00pmUHFCERT CERT Plan A 470.400
  Tue07.30pmUHFCERT CERT Plan B 145.290
  Tue07.30pmVHFWARC SoCounty NBEMS
  Tue08.00pmVHFWARC SlowScan
  BRARA: if VHF repeater is down use Gold Coast ARC Repeater

 UHF:CERT Analog Part-A70cm 470.400 PL 123.0 +3Mhz
 VHF:BRARA Analog 2m 145.290 PL 110.9
 UHF:BRARA Analog 70cm 442.875 PL 110.9
 VHF:BRARA Packet 2m 145.070 144.390 APRS
 IP: BRARA EchoLinkNode 826953
 VHF:Gold Coast ARC2m 146.820 PL 103.5 -600khz
 VHF:West Palm ARG 2m 146.670 PL 110.9 -600khz
 VHF:Wellington ARC2m 147.285 PL 110.9 +600khz

  Total FD17 Contacts by Band and Mode  
 80 0 0 26 26 3 52   
 40 364 65 5 434 42 803   
 20 376 39 29 444 43 849   
 15 113 0 0 113 11 226   
 10 0 7 0 7 1 7   
 6 0 0 0 0 0 0   
 Total 853 111 60 1024 100 1937   
 Percent83 11 6 100   

Dir ListDir ListDir ListDir ListDir ListDir ListDir ListDir ListDir ListDir List
  Grumpy Old Hams waiting  

20 GrumpyOldHams 22 GrumpyOldHams 23 GrumpyOldHams 1 GrumpyOldHams 2 GrumpyOldHams 3 GrumpyOldHams 4 GrumpyOldHams 5 GrumpyOldHams 6 GrumpyOldHams 7 GrumpyOldHams 8 GrumpyOldHams 9 GrumpyOldHams 10 GrumpyOldHams 12 GrumpyOldHams 13GrumpyOldHams 14 GrumpyOldHams 15 GrumpyOldHams 16 GrumpyOldHams 17 GrumpyOldHams 18 GrumpyOldHams 19 GrumpyOldHams 20 GrumpyOldHams 21 GrumpyOldHams 22 GrumpyOldHams 23 GrumpyOldHams

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