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Programming and Codeplugs

  NEW: How to navigate to download files

  1. Hover then click on desired codeplug
  2. New tab opens and the file is presented for download from GoogleDrive
  3. In that new tab, position the mouse over the desired GoogleDrive file
  4. On right hand side a GoogleDrive download link is shown when hovering on the desired file
  5. From that download link, click and the GoogleDrive file is downloaded
  Matching Radio Models, CPS and Firmware Versions

Please be aware that radio models, CPS and firmware versions may require a specific CPS version in order to use one of these codeplugs.

  • These are USER GENERATED codeplugs
  • BRARA does not support any radio or codeplug
  • BRARA does not test or vet these codeplugs
  • BRARA will not support downloading, installation, or programming
  • BRARA is not responsible for the consequences of installing and usage
  • Download at your own risk

 GENERIC DMR AT-D878 23-Oct-2019  
 AF4FA DMR AT-D868 2.35 21-Nov-2019  
 AF4FA DMR AT-D878 1.15 21-Nov-2019  
 N2ELG DMR AT-D868 1.12 19-Oct-2019  
 N1QFH DMR MD-9600 4.2.4 13-Oct-2019  
 N1QFH DMR MD-UV3xx 4.2.4 10-Oct-2019  
 N1QFH DMR MD-390UHF 1.34 11-Oct-2019  
 KN4PZT DMR AT-D878UV 1.12 28-Sep-2019  
 KG4FUR DMR CS-750 4.0 08-Aug-2019  
 KG4FUR DMR CS-800 4.0 08-Aug-2019  
 KG4FUR DMR CS-800D 4.0 08-Aug-2019  
 KG4FUR DMR QM-2100 4.0 05-Aug-2019  
 KG4FUR DMR MD-3xxUHF 4.2 05-Aug-2019  
 KG4FUR DMR MD-UV3xx 4.2 05-Aug-2019  
 W4AEQ DMR MD-3xx 4.9 6-Nov-2018  
 W4AEQ DMR MD-UV3xx 4.0 6-Nov-2018  
 W4AEQ DMR MD-2017 4.0 8-Apr-2018  
 W4AEQ DMR AT-Dxx 1.12 1-May-2018  
 KB7TMV DMR AT-D86UV 1.12 14-Sep-2018  
 KO4XL Analog BF-F8HP 2017.101-Oct-2017  
 N1QFH Analog TM-V71A 2019.0831-Aug-2019  

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