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BM TGNet NameTimeLocation
31362 NY DMR Metro CB TG-444 Any TimeNY METRO
310 TAC-310 Net 05.00pm
3119 Iowa Statewide Net 07.30pmIowa
3112529 SEFL DMR Tech Net 08.00pmCLICK FMI
31489 DMR Tracker (Ty Weaver) 09.00pmAustin
3106 PAPA DMR Roundtable 08.00pmCalifornia
3148 Texas Tech Net 05.00PM Texas
31328 SNARS DMR Net 08.00pmSNARS
3142 PA Statewide Net 08.00pmPA
3118 Indiana Statewide 08.00pm Indiana
3148 Texas Statewide Net 05.30pmTexas
92 EU DMR Net 08.00pmEurope
3139 Ohio Statewide Net 08.30pmOhio
3 DMR NA Tech Net 08.00pmNorth America
93 BMR NA Tech Net 09.00pmNorth America
3121 Kentucky Net 05.00pmKentucky
3154 West VA DMR Service net05.00pmWest Virginia
31063 NorCal 07.00pmNorCal
3105 Arkansas Net 07.00pmArkansas
31089 Hytera USA 07.30pmHytera
3147 Tenn Statewide 09.00pm Tenn
31665 TGIF Net 08.30pmFL
91 BM Worldwide Net 09.00amWorldwide
1 DMR WW Net 11.00amWorldwide
2 TS-2 GCARC KnowItAll Net 06.00pmFlorida
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  Brandmeister Talk Groups  
 3112 Florida 
 31120 TAC- Florida 
 31122 WC Florida 
 31124 South-East-Florida 
 31362 NY DMR Metro 
 31670 Florida Gulf Coast 
 31489 DMR Tracker (Ty Weaver) 
 310035 GCARA Pompano Beach DMR 
 3112529 SE FL DMR Tech Net 

15-OCT-2017 Special guest Ty Weaver, KG5RKI
Ty Weaver, KG5RKI, via DMR-FL repeater and TG31124 on Brandmeister, joined us as an invited guest speaker. Jeff Ronner, W4AEQ, did the intros. Discussed TYT radio and interested mods.
15-AUG 2017 Delray DMR Repeater online / failure root-cause
The Delray DMR repeater c/o W2GGI experienced a recent failure. The root cause was a circuit board that failed due to the constant use of North America (NA) on TS1. That timeslot (TS) has been replaced with Tri-State (NY-NJ-PA) and NA will be activated only by PPT. This change will cut down on constant usage of the amp and help ensure up-time. The hardware issue was resolved Monday 14-Aug 2017.
13-AUG 2017 Delray DMR Repeater Off-the-Air
Although the W2GGI Delray Beach repeater is currently "off-the-air", the DMR-FL Local Tech Net will be conducted on Brandmeister TG-31124. Those within range of an alternative W2GGI DMR repeater (Miami and West Palm Beach (TS2 TG-2)) or another DMR repeater that supports the Brandmeister TG-31124 are unaffected. We will conduct check-in a little differently tonight. Although pre-check-ins will continue to be accepted, these will be logged in and out at the same time At the start of the net, there will be a call for Short-of-Time Stations only, who will be logged in and out at the same time. This will be followed by roll-call check-ins based on 50% attendance in the last four DMR-FL LO Tech Nets. And finally, a call for all other check-ins will be taken. Listen which type of check-in is being requested. We are trying to shorten the check-in process and get into the discussion / Q&A portion earlier in the net.

  So Florida DMR Repeaters  
  DMR-MARC Database   FL DMR Google Repeater Map  
 Boca Raton 442.00008 +5.000 
 Pompano Beach 443.350011+5.000 
 Cutler Bay 442.12501 +5.000 
 Delray 443.30001 +5.000 
 Englewood 146.80501 -0.600 
 Englewood 444.10001 +5.000 
 Fort Myers 442.17501 +5.000 
 Fort Pierce 927.70001 -25.00 
 Hialeah 441.97507 +5.000 
 Hollywood 442.77507 +5.000 
 Lake Worth 444.450010+5.000 
 Laurel 444.70001 +5.000 
 Marco Island 444.81251 +5.000 
 Miami 441.10001 +5.000 
 Miami 442.22501 +5.000 
 Miami 443.60007 +5.000 
 Miami 444.98751 +5.000 
 Naples 438.38751 -7.600 
 North Dade 443.125010+5.000 
 PB Gardens 442.100010+5.000 
 Palm City 438.35001 -7.600 
 Plantation 442.40001 +5.000 
 Port Everglades 147.10501 +0.600 
 Port Everglades 442.42501 +5.000 
 Port St.Lucie 444.00001 +5.000 
 Punta Gorda 442.92501 +5.000 
 Saint Lucie 440.750010+5.000 
 Wellington 442.93751 +5.000 
 Wellington 443.32507 +5.000 
 West Palm 444.91251 +5.000 

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