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New Hams Corner: Test equipment and tools

Test equipment and tools I recently saw an online post from a beginner who wanted to know what test equipment he should have in his budding shack. A lot of answers flowed in but the common theme was there in most of them. A) A good Volt Ohm Meter. Fluke makes some very good ones […]

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New Hams Corner: Antenna selecting

Most technicians start off with a HT so they don’t think about the most important part of the transmit system…the antenna. You can use an external antenna to get: more gain, a better line of sight to the station you are transmitting to or simply for better reception. Remember the 3db gain rule. If you […]

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New Hams Corner: Buying that first radio

Buying that first radio So many people ask, “What should I buy to get on the air?” There is NO simple answer to that question. A lot of the issue is how much do you want to spend? If you have a few hundred dollars then your options are wide. If you only have a […]

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New Hams Corner: Emergency Communication

Emergency Communication One of the requirements of our hobby is you are ready to provide emergency communications (EmComs) when regular links fail. For some of us this is the keystone and for others it is just something they hope never happens. Every time you participate in a net you are getting ready for an emergency […]