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BRARA / N4BRF DMR TG-3112529 LOCAL TG-311037 EchoLink 826953 SUNDAY 8.00pm ET SEFL DMR Tech-Net GCARA 443.3500+ CC-11 TS-1 TG-3112529 Brandmeister TG-3112529 Supports all DMR Technical issues CLICK HERE for SEFL DMR Tech Net Script CLICK HERE for Codeplug List CLICK HERE for DMR Support MONDAY 7.00pm ET Voice  Com Net BRARA analog 145.29- PL110.9  Supports New Hams and local announcements […]

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New AREC EmComm Repeater Group Net

Dear Fellow Ham: I am introducing you to a new area radio net starting on January 10, 2019 at 7:00 PM on 146.670 mHz (600kHz down, 110.9 PL). The AREC Repeater Group ( President and Trustee have given their approval. I’m calling it the VOAD Net (Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster). See In VOAD […]

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Nets: DMR Nets

Times are in Central (CST) Sunday 01:00PM EU ENG TG-92 01:10PM CO DAILY WX TG-310815 02:00PM Europe TG-92 06:00PM Hot Spots / HAM Radio TG-31772 06:00PM Light Christian TG-31479 06:00PM Young Persons 31012 07:00PM So East FL Tech TG-3112529 07:00PM TAC310 DMR-MARC TG-310 07:30PM CONN TG-3109 07:30PM IO STATEWIDE TG-3119 08:00PM DMR-Track TG-31489 08:00PM VE7LE […]

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Nets: Amateur Radio Net Formats

An Amateur Radio Net, or simply Ham net, is an “on-the-air” gathering of Amateur Radio operators. The word “net” is short for “network”. Networks can be defined as groups of equipment, individuals, and/or agencies acting together to increase efficiency and effectiveness through shared information and resources. The word “network” can be further broken down into […]

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Nets: Amateur Radio Net Protocol

A “Net” is an on-the-air meeting of amateur radio operators. Usually, the group’s discussion centers on a particular topic-in our case, emergency communications and associated topics. Nets are usually held on a regular basis on a predetermined frequency. Most nets are “directed nets” meaning there are certain rules that must be followed. One operator, acting […]