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Committee Chairs and Support

Finance Committee – CHAIR Patrick KO4XL BACKUP – Bonnie Greenfeld KC2JVS Communications Committee – CHAIR Jerry.Z W4BFL BACKUP – John.C N1QFH POINT Website – John.C N1QFH WordPress – John.C N1QFH, BACKUP – Mike.G K8BQ Nets – Jeff.R W4AEQ, BACKUP – N2ELG Emails – John.C N1QFH     BACKUP –  Bruce KO4XL Welcoming – Board and Officers Membership – […]

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ARTICLE 1 – OFFICES SECTION 1 PRINCIPAL OFFICE The principal office of the corporation is located at 10875 W Atlantic Avenue, Delray Beach, FL 33446. SECTION 2. CHANGE OF ADDRESS The designation of the county or state of the corporation’s principal office may be changed by amendment of these Bylaws. The Board of Directors may […]

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  WEBSITE – WordPress and all its Capabilities Our website has a completely new look and feel. The web content now resides in our WordPress tool and leverages many capabilities of WordPress. We are still learning about other WordPress capabilities and as we discover and implement these, you shall be advised. Some of what’s new: BRARA Board minutes are public Easy […]

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27-APRIL 2020 1700 ET CLICK HERE FOR PBC ORDER The BRARA shack and compound remain CLOSED The West Delray Park is OPEN 29-April-2020 Palm Beach County reopening certain recreational facilities on limited basis. Limited Reopening Public and private golf courses and facilities Public parks (not playgrounds) Boat ramps, marinas for recreational use Limited Tennis, racquet facilities, pickle […]