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QSL Report: Aug 2019

New DXCC this month Trinidad & Tobago (9Y) 6m, Digital; Portugal (CT) 6m; Canary Islands (EA8) 6m; Ireland (EI) 6m; Isle of Man (GD) 6m, Digital; Scotland (GM) 6m; Wales (GW) 6m; Dominican Republic (HI) 6m, Digital; Colombia (HK) 6m, Digital; Sardinia (IS0) 6m, Digital; Puerto Rico (KP4) 6m; Belgium (ON) 6m; Greenland (OX) Digital; […]

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Field Day 2019: Visit by Commissioner Weinroth

On June 22 2019, Commissioner Weinroth visited with members of the Boca Raton Amateur Radio Association at their annual Amateur Radio “Field Day” at the West Delray Regional Park as part of the national Amateur Radio Field Day exercise. Field Day is a showcase for how amateur radio (also known has ham radio) works reliably […]

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DMR: Pi-Star Firmware upgrade for mmdvm HS hat flash by Al Af4FA

Revised: 23-July 2019 If you have a different modem board you need to adjust the commands to those for your particular board using the list at the bottom. – open your pi-star admin dashboard in a web browser – go to configuration – go to expert – go to SSH-Access – log on (user pi-star […]