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Board Meeting 13-July-2022

Date: Saturday, July 13, 2022   Location: via Zoom   

Directors and Officers present:  John C N1QFH, George WA2VNV, Mike K8BQ, Bonnie KC2JVS, Jay S N2ELG, Lou K4LA, Jeff S K4BH

Members present: Walt W4WCD, Henry WA2ROA, Barry KO4FBU

Secretary Mike K8BQ called the meeting to order at 6:10 pm local.

Officer and Director Reports

President’s Report, Bruce – Not present

Vice President’s Report, Ralph – Not present

John C – August meeting has John H scheduled to present the Frying Pan Tower expedition. John C may miss the meeting so Jeff can run the PowerPoint if needed.

Secretary’s Report, Mike – Motion to accept Minutes for the Board meeting on 06/18/2022 made by John C, seconded by Jay S. The motion carried.  Current membership is 175. Next BOD meeting is July 30.

Treasurer’s Report, Bonnie – Total cash received $33.81. Cash received includes memberships
Expenses: $227.82. Expenses include $10 for a name badge refund, $55.00 for generator maintenance, $162.82 Field Day food.
Expenses not included in available balance $254.77.  Includes $139.26 for generator repair, $12.62 for white board markers, $48.60 for badges and other field day misc, $54.29 gas for the generator

George – nothing to report. What is the status of the DMR link? Discussion on where to place antenna mount in the future. We need to get Jerry Z involved to help align the dish. We should look at realigning the link using what we have now rather than waiting to install a new mount later.  BRARA needs to communicate with Jerry Z and Lew who is the trustee. Discussion on 160 meter inverted L that Barry has been working to get back up.

Barry – Matt KO4DJG will help get the antenna back in the air early some Saturday. Saturday is prefered since we may get some more help from working members.

Jay S – DMR net has only been getting 2 or 3 people. Maybe we should do less often for the summer. He’d also like to move it to 7 pm. It was decided to suspend the net until September. What are we doing to fix the two  meter repeater? George said that they found a bad cavity in the transmit side of the duplexer that resulted in 6 dB of loss.

Lou – We should make available expertise on digital modes as a class. One possible instructor want to hold in-person classes only. Perhaps we could do small groups in the Shack.

Jeff S – Nothing for the Board. Its hurricane season.

John C – FD was an experience. We need to submit results and John will take over that process from Bruce. John needs to get with Walt to borrow a power washer to clean the ramp before the next Radiator Grille.

Henry – Do we want to hold another lunch? June 23 has been suggested at Sabai Thai. Jay S made a motion to hold the next lunch on July 23 at 1 pm at Sabai Thai. John C seconded it. The motion carried.

Walt – Need to have the FD logs for entry into LOTW.

Jerry Z – not present

Old Business

John C has a lesson learned from FD: We don’t need to be cooking food outside for FD. It resulted in being able to do a quick teardown.

Jay reported that we need to finish doing a cleanup of the shed after FD. Things were not neatly stored.

George asked if we had any feedback from the County about FD. Nobody has heard anything.

New Business

John C said that Walt suggested that we convert our generator to work on either gas or propane from gas only. John C made a motion to allocate funds up to $500.00 to convert our generator to operate on either gas or propane. Jeff S asked that motion be tabled until we find out more about what is needed.

Miscellaneous Discussion 

John C proposed that we open up Zoom at the Shack to allow members to see what is going on. The first Saturday of the month was suggested. Lou suggested doing it Wednesdays and Saturdays.

John C will not be avaialble for the August Simplex exercise on August 6. Matt KO4DJG could help with this.

Jay S asked who knows how to apply for grants. We might be able to get some money for the association. It was suggested to ask in the BRARA Blast whom of our members has grant writing experience.

George recommended that we get a work party to stand the satellite tower upright on its base and bolt it in rather than leave it horiontal on some supports.

Motion to adjourn by John C second by Jeff S.  Meeting adjourned at 7:15pam local.

Respectfully submitted

Mike Greenfeld K8BQ/ Secretary