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DATE: Saturday 23-Jan-2021

TIME: 11.00 am (the 1.00 pm net is cancelled)


FREQUENCY: Net begins on 145.29- PL110.9

SIMPLEX: 146.55 mHz or 145.58 mHZ (CORRECTED)

NOTE: All stations be ready to RELAY as requested

GOAL: For stations in the vicinity of the 145.29 mHZ BRARA repeater to operate on assigned simplex frequencies as directed by NCS.


Before the net is established, stations are encouraged to:

1. Fully test radios
2. Setup the 2 simplex frequencies on their radios
3. Become familiar with programming their radios
4. Know how to use reverse when on the repeater
5. Know how to turn on and off squelch
6. Have set up best power and antennas options
7. Have identified a location for optimal performance
8. Station be ready to relay other stations

The Simplex Exercise will be established on 145.29 mHz  and stations will check in. Once NCS has checked in all stations, the following will occur:

1. NCS will assign an alternate NCS (ANCS)
2. NCS will direct stations to QSY to simplex frequency
3. NCS will make a call for stations on simplex frequency
4. Each station will provide callsign and signal report
5. NCS will record each station’s signal report
6. NCS will direct station to QSY to 145.29 mHz
7. NCS will report findings on the 145.29 mHz Net
8. NCS will ask for comments and then close the net

Stations may desire to remain on the repeater after the net closes to troubleshoot any problem that arise.

Results and summary will be reported on BRARA Scheduled Nets.


Future exercises will be scheduled to address such capabilities as

  • Working 70m band simplex
  • Cross band operation
  • Passing health and welfare
  • Current News event info
  • Pass digital traffic
  • Pass slow-scan pictures
  • Assign station station to alternate frequency
  • Ask for mobile station
  • Use DMR simplex frex for next exercise

What we choose to exercise will be by consensus and as suggested by participants.