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Directors Organization Meeting 2021-2023 12/12/2020

Meeting was called to order at 12:15 PM on December 12, 2020 by Bruce KO4XL, the current president.

Present were: KO4XL Bruce, WA2VNV George, Bonnie KC2JVS, N2EHG Myles, K4LA Lou, K8BQ Mike, W1DAR Ralph, N2ELG Jay, W4KEK Grant, K4BH Jeff and N1QFH John.

The directors for BRARA elected for the January 2021-December 2023 term are;

  • Bruce Ratoff, KO4XL
  • John Cole, N1QFH
  • George Sintchak, WA2VNV
  • Jay Silverman, N2ELG
  • Lou Alfonso, K4LA
  • Jeff Stahl, K4BH
  • Jerry Zaza, W4BFL

Bruce reminded the group that the new Board doesn’t take office until January 1, 2021 so cannot vote to select officers until then. Positions to be filled are President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. Officers do not have to be directors. Currently the following have expressed an interest in becoming officers of the club.  He asked if there were any other suggestions at this time. There weren’t any.

  • President:  KO4XL Bruce
  • Vice President: W1DAR Ralph
  • Secretary: K8BQ Mike
  • Treasurer: KC2JVS Bonnie

Ralph suggested that we could speed up meetings by passing over items with no progress on the agenda rather than discussing them at each meeting.  We could continue to use the previous minutes as an agenda with items marked as no action planned where nothing is happening.

When, and how often, the Board should meet was discussed. A meeting is needed before the next general meeting.  The current Board met the second Wednesday at 6 PM and last Saturday at 12 noon.  In the past there had been weekly meetings for lunch.  The reason for the 6 PM time on Wednesday was to work around the Palm Beach ARES and the NBEMS nets. After some discussion it was decided to start the Saturday meetings at 10 AM. In addition, the first meeting of the new Board will be held January 2, 2021 after they are officially in office.  The current meeting schedule is;

  • Jan 2, 10AM on Zoom to vote on officer positions
  • Jan 5, 7PM on Zoom, general meeting
  • Jan 13, 6PM on Zoom
  • Jan 30, 10AM on Zoom
  • Feb 2, 7PM general meeting on Zoom
  • Feb 10, 6PM on Zoom

It was decided to stay with two Board meetings a month for now to be revisited later.

Motion to adjourn by Jeff K2BH, seconded by John N1QFH

Meeting adjourned at 12:46PM

Respectfully submitted

Mike Greenfeld, K8BQ