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BRARA Voting by Members for 2021-2023 Directors is underway

BRARA Members
You should have received an email with the list of candidates and directions how the voting process will work.

For your vote to be counted, please vote no later than Sunday, November 22, 2020.

Bruce KO4XL will review the results at December meeting.

If you cannot complete your vote, please contact Bruce KO4XL.

The seven candidates receiving the most votes will be elected to serve on the BRARA Board of Directors for a three year term starting January 1, 2021.

In accordance with our bylaws, the Board of Directors is elected every three years by the general membership.  It is the responsibility of the Board to select and appoint the club officers (President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer), and to determine the officers’ tenure of service.  Officers need not be Board members, but a Board member may serve as an officer.