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Board Meeting 3-Oct-2020

Date: Saturday 3-October 2020   Location: via Zoom   Start Time: 12.08 pm

Attendance:  Bruce KO4XL, George WA2VNV, Jerry.Z W4BFL, Michael W2RT, Bonnie KC2JSV, Michael.G K8BQ, Jay N2ELG,  Art WA8VSJ, John N1QFH

The following items were discussed and actions assigned:


This was a virtual meeting using Zoom.


The board discussed how to remember silent keys (sk). Board discussed granting Lifetime membership to BRARA member who lost BRARA member. Currently BRARA have 3 individuals who this would apply. Bruce suggested a plaque for each member sk by board action. This would apply to board member, officers, or did a lot for the organization. BRARA has dedicated page for list of Silent Keys (CLICK HERE) Board will review documents to hand to surviving members. CLICK for revised Policy Book.

MOTION: Bruce moved any BRARA member who becomes silent key will be added to a plaque with name and callsign, 2nd by John.C. Motion carries.

MOTION: Bruce moved BRARA purchase ARRL brick for Max N4CGC (sk), 2nd by John.C. Motion carries.

MOTION: Bruce moved any BRARA present or past officer, director, or key person who becomes silent key, by board discretion may have a frame created with headshot picture, name, and callsign to be placed on the shack wall, 2nd by John.C. Motion carries.

MOTION: Bruce moved a surviving BRARA regular member in good standing who lost a family member who was also a BRARA regular member in good standing, at board discretion granting Lifetime membership to the surviving BRARA member, 2nd by John.C. Motion carries.

ACTION: John.C will connect with Frank London’s family for a profile picture.

ACTION: Bruce and John will research plaque costs by local trophy providers

ACTION: Jeff.S will get details on ARRL brick

ACTION: Bruce and John will review silent key documents going to surviving BRARA member


ACTION: Mike and Bruce will continue to manage capabilities

ACTION: Mike and Bruce will request members set display name and CALLSIGN


The Shack remains closed. Board member will regularly check on shack status to ensure AC is working as expected and rotate both towers.

ACTION: John.C will replace filter about December 2020 and pursue getting a HEPA  / MERV-13 filter


ACTION: Bruce will process member inter-club results


If a prospective member is close to 1-October, we should advise them to pay on or after 1-October to ensure they have current year and next year as active member.

Board reviewed status and email communications all which are working normally.

MOTION: By John.C due to COVID-19 for just 2021 to grant first time new members on or after 1-July-2020 be paid active member status for 2020 and 2021, 2nd George. Motion carried.

ACTION: John.C will communicate with first time new member and “provide certificate” and “welcome letter”

ACTION: Bruce and John.C will review how to incorporate CALLSIGN into PayPal

ACTION: John.C will acknowledge via email to member for  renewals

ACTION: Bruce to create secondary logon

ACTION: Bruce to generate PayPal report for Patrick


Jerry updated board on FAU status. Jerry purchased the 4 microwave feeds aka POE power injectors and will schedule time to install. We may have to climb the UHF/VHF tower to add POE. NOTE: if BRARA hires a tower climber, they must be on the list of approved PBC tower climbers. BRARA can connect with Boca fire chief (trustee of Boca repeater) for that list.

ACTION: Art, Lew, and Jerry will relocate dish on 2m or 70cm antenna

ACTION: Jerry to determine when the dish relocation can occur and advise Art, George and Lew

ACTION: Jerry to review with FAU who can be a partner /contact


Reviewed status and dependency on IP access. There is solid member interest.


John.C updated board on packet repeater being relocated from Boca hospital to the shack. Accessing the site: Monday to Friday 12pm to 4pm. Will be limited number of people all following COVID-19 measures. John.C asked about putting the packet repeater on 2m disk-cone which can be switched out when contests occur. Robert W1ENG has been assisting John.C on WinLink.

ACTION: Bruce to connect with Lew to update our DMR repeater details on database

ACTION: John.C will stay connect with Boca hospital and Ricky.E remove club assets from hospital

ACTION: Art and Lew to continue site repairs


Rick K1DS needs antenna brackets for antenna to cover the box boom plates. George requested to ask for Rick to have rotors refurbished.

ACTION: John.C will connect with Rick to see if rotors should be rebuilt

ACTION: Satellite team look into refurbishing rotors

ACTION: Relocate fan-dipole antenna that may block the satellite system


ACTION: Bruce will send letter when full services restored


Board reviewed status. Jerry said Life Safety Solutions (LSS) was willing to donate refurbished unit as long as LSS had service agreement over every 2 years which is battery preventative maintenance service. Board needs to send donation request. Jerry will provide information. John will touch base with Walt then board will pursue LSS.

ACTION: Jerry will provide LSS contact info for letter

ACTION: Bruce will continue linkage with Life Safety Solutions for AED.

ACTION: John to connect with Walt on possibility for AED funded by park


ACTION: Bruce will pursue alternate badge suppliers

(check with

ACTION: Patrick will check his record for those who paid for badges and shirts


ACTION: Jay, Jeff.R, Roger, Al to define DMR curriculum

ACTION: Bruce will define logistics for online Zoom licensing classes and testing


Board discussed welfare call status. Renewing 2021 members need to be acknowledged by email. George asked Bruce to remind members about Amazon Smiles. Bonnie asked Bruce to review member privileges for next general meeting. Jeff.S added comment on what member can do regardless of type of membership.

ACTION: Bruce will continue with director nominating list

ACTION: John.C and Michael K8BQ will continue knowledge exchange

ACTION: Patrick and Bonnie to continue knowledge exchange

ACTION: Board will continue member good and welfare checks

ACTION: Bruce will send to John.C list of member privilege

ACTION: John.C will DRAFT to board message for 2021 dues

ACTION: Board will send list of BRARA accomplishments to Bruce

ACTION: Bruce will review minutes and feedback for list of accomplishments

ACTION: Board will email to Bruce their suggestions for directors


Board reviewed Zoom auction and roles assigned. John returned any club asset to the closet. Jay took pictures of all Zoom items. John.C posted pictures on Google Drive for Bruce to access. On 14-Oct at that meeting will do dry-run demo how the auction will work for feedback from board. Next auction Zoom meeting 14-Oct at 430 pm. When Bruce has PowerPoint with pictures complete, we can post PowerPoint as PDF for member to review. All auction items are a donation to BRARA. Jay he’s waiting on drive for a computer.

ACTION: Jay will continue reviving laptops and desktops

ACTION: Bruce to get drive and rail kit for Jay to install in desktop

ACTION: Jay and John.C to access CPU and displays to KEEP


ACTION: John send to Bruce AC filter size

ACTION: Jerry to re-key storage room locks and distribute

ACTION: Jeff.R and Bruce to coordinate training and re-keying shack and gate

ACTION: John.C to install di-pole lightening protectors

ACTION: Jeff.R will change shack door combination


  • Satellite System
  • Repair Ameritron HF Amplifier
  • Acquire AED for The Shack
  • IP FAU-to-Shack
  • Relocate FAU dish at repeater site


We have a few others lined up for 2021.

October: Bruce KO4XL will present on “Shoebox Shack on Showstring”

November: Pablo KK4YG on “Digital APRS / SMS”

December: Norm Fusaro, W3IZ ARRL Director of Operations on “ARRL Direction”


ACTION: Bruce will continue addressing refrigerator repair

Next Board Zoom meetings:

  • Mid-month: Wednesday 6.00 pm  14-October 2020
  • Agenda: Saturday 12.00 pm   31-October 2020

Adjourn: Motion by Jeff.S and 2nd by George adjourn at 2.50 pm and zoom ended

Respectfully submitted

John Cole N1QFH / Secretary