Major Announcement: COVID-19

A letter to all members and friends of the
Boca Raton Amateur Radio Association

My Friends,

The novel Corona virus known as COVID-19 is a source of great concern to all of us.  There are many things not yet known about this virus, but it is clear by what we have heard from recognized public health experts that it is something to be taken very seriously.

Several BRARA events are scheduled to take place in the coming weeks. I have been wrestling with the question of how to balance the desire to continue BRARA’s programs against the need to do what we can as an organization to avoid contributing to the risks posed by COVID-19.

I have taken into consideration the following factors:

 The majority of our members fall into at least one of the high-risk groups designated by the Center for Disease Control (CDC).

  • While our social events generally include the sharing of food, we lack the necessary equipment and training to comply with Safe-Serve standards.
  • The CDC recommends the frequent washing of hands, particularly after touching shared objects and surfaces (door knobs, switches, etc.).  Our lack of running water limits our ability to comply with this recommendation.
  • Health authorities recommend maintaining a distance of six feet between individuals.  The limited space in our station makes this impossible when more than a few people are present.
  • Our club radios and associated equipment are common touch points that would be very difficult to disinfect without causing damage or overly limiting their usability.
  • The public reaction to the constant stream of disturbing news has caused shortages of many common household supplies.  This poses a challenge in obtaining adequate materials and supplies to keep our trailer clean and disinfected.
  • Public health authorities continue to advise that gatherings of people be avoided.

For these reasons I have taken the following actions:

  • The Radiator Grille scheduled for March 21 is postponed.  The new date has not yet been determined.
  • The General License class and test scheduled for the weekends of March 28 and April 4 is postponed.  The new date has not yet been determined.

These and other measures will be reviewed by the Board of Directors in the coming weeks.  It is possible that additional actions may be taken by the Board, so please monitor our website and email blasts for any future updates.


For the latest status and recommendations regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, please consult the Center for Disease Control website:  CLICK HERE TO ACCESS CDC

I share with you my prayer that we all make it safely through this global crisis.

Take care and be well.


Bruce Ratoff, KO4XL
Boca Raton Amateur Radio Association