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BRARA Repeater Coverage

Today I took a road trip looking for the general coverage area for the analog 145.29 machine and the DMR 442.875 machine.

For DMR I used the parrot TG-31000 to echo my voice message and for the analog machine i kachucked and where possible held a brief QSO.

The trip started at FL turnpike at mile marker 81 Delray Beach and I proceeded south to exit at Sawgrass and continued heading south to RT595. Once on east bound RT595, proceeded to RT95 north. Once on RT95 north, proceeded to Southern Blvd and back to FL Turnpike south to Delray Beach exit 81. This was just a big loop.

There were several pockets where DMR surprised me such as on RT595 eastbound.

The coverage area of the 2m machine was much less than the 7cm machine. I’m suspecting this is due to only 15 watts out of the analog repeater.

Overall the DMR repeater performed much better in coverage area and of course audio

For the DMR machine I could hit the machine at Lake Worth Blvd and even spots of Southern Blvd. Also hit it along the Sawgrass consistently until Sunrise, then RT595 and RT95.

The 2m machine was good from Boynton Beach Blvd to the Sawgrass and to the turnpike.


John N1QFH