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DMR: Pi-Star – How to upgrade vn4.1 rc from earlier versions

How to upgrade to the latest vn4.1 rc from earlier versions of Pi-Star. The new version is designed to work on all versions of the RPI boards from a Pi zero up to the latest Pi 4 boards. It became necessary due to the release version of Linux changing and the new features of the new Pi 4 boards.

First you must backup your current pistar configuration. In order to then upgrade you will have to download from the pistar website the latest version ( beta version as of now ) of the software. You will then have to reformat an SD card and then burn the image to the SD card. After that is done copy the backed up configuration zip file to the root directory of the SD card. At this point you can place the SD card into your hotspot and boot it up. It will take several minutes for the hotspot to complete the upgrade and then you will be able to log into it. If you had changed the password from raspberry to something else it will be returned to raspberry as that is one of a few fields that is not saved in a backup. At this point do an SSH login in and do a sudo pistar-upgrade to load that latest upgrades. After that is done do a sudo pistar-update to get the latest updates to the Linux and any pistar binaries that have been updated since the image file was created. Now you can look at the fields on the admin page and the configuration page and make sure any fields you changed but were not backed up are made correct.