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DMR: Brandmeister servers and connectivity issues

The best possible connections for all users and the repeaters will occur if you all use the same Brandmeister server to communicate.

Theoretically using different servers works but what happens is the data is being sent from server to server which has the potential to cause delays. Also if one of the servers being used has any kind of issue that will screw everyone up.

There are 4 Brandmiester servers in the US:

3101 – Is in NY but over the past 6 months has had intermittent issues in communications.

3102 – Is is Texas-This is the best server for the east coast of the US. It is a larger server in a good data center. Most of the CBRIDGES choose to connect to this server for Brandmeister feeds because of the reliability.

3108 – Is located in Atlanta-This is a good server but it is an experimental server. That means when they want to test new things they put them on there and see how well they work and if it breaks anything. This is not a good choice because sometimes they don’t realize there is a problem for a while till people complain also it will tend to get rebooted more often than others causing disruptions..

3103 – is in California – This is a good west coast server.

Also as a guideline once you have your own club DMR repeater you might want to put some guidelines out there such as the club TG should be full time on timeslot 2 and recommend for people travelling through the area who want to access other Brandmeister talk groups to do it on time slot 1 so they don’t compete with your club talk group.

You could also request a cluster which would let your primary and any other machine in the cluster use TG 2 instead of the long talk group number on the local machines which will then translate to the longer tg when on the Brandmeister network.

Bernie NY4Z