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DMR: BrandMeister Hotspot Security by Al AF4FA

BrandMeister has made available the option to use Hotspot Security, this is a method to use a custom password for your connection to BrandMeister, to ensure that nobody else can connect  a hotspot to BrandMeister using your hotspot (or repeater) ID.

Step 1 – Configure your BrandMeister Hotspot Password:

  • Connect to the Brandmeister dashboard
  • Click your callsign at the top right
  • Click “SelfCare”
  • Turn on “Hotspot Security” and define and enter a password
  • Write it down
  • Click “save”

Step 2 – Configure Pi-Star with your Hotspot Security Password:

Head to the configuration page on Pi-Star, assuming your hotspot is accessible by wifi or ethernet.

In the DMR section, you will now find the HotSpot Security field, if you are using DMRGateway¬† this will be shown as “BM Hotspot Security”:

  • Set your password (the same one you used in the BrandMeister
    Selfcare page) and press apply.
  • You are all set, using Hotspot Security.

If you choose to not do this you will use the password assigned from the DMR hosts file and it is not a secured hotspot or repeater..