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Bio: Ralph Boyd KK4GUB

Ralph Boyd, KK4GUB, is an Amateur Radio Astronomer with a PC coAntrolled Spectral receiver tuned on the 21cm (1420MHz) spectral line for neutral Hydrogen. He has written software to collect the RF radiation from Galactic nebula clouds, and will be speaking about and demonstrating aspects of Radio Astronomy.

Ralph retired from Motorola in 2008 after 40yrs as a Software Engineer. He graduated with a BS degree from Auburn University in ’69 and served in the US Air Force as a navigational repairman for SAC, repairing the navigation beacon radios on KC-135 tankers and B-52 bombers. Following his time in the military, he worked for various electronic companies in medical equipment, high tech R&D, and communications (modems & cell phone).