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QSL Report: May 2018

As we closed out last month, N4BRF has logged 3,372 QSLs / 10,311 QSOs (32.57%) on LoTW. New DXCC this month: Morocco (CN, 160m; Canada (VO2, 80m); Turkey (TA, 40m & 10m). Awards received: Mixed, CW, Phone (20m, 17m, 15m and 10m). New WAZ this month: 5BWAZ #158 (Z2, 80m); CW #39 (Z2); 160m #18 (Z33); 80m CW #25 (Z2); 40m SSB #14 (Z20). We need a QSL from Z18 on CW to attain CW WAZ. Awards issued: Mixed, 20m, CW, Phone, Digital, Triple Play.

We still need:

  • AK, ID on 40m
  • WV on 15m
  • WY on 20m Phone
  • AK, ID, NV on 40m CW.

We have received the following new QSLs from prior Field Day activities:

  • 287 (+1) QSLs from 2015
  • 262 (+1) QSLs from 2017

WAS Account Status: None new this month: (+0)
VUCC Account Status: None new this month: (+0)
The latest update will be presented at the next Club Meeting.

Submitted by Ed N4II