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New Hams Corner: Upgrading your License

Upgrading your License

At some point most people think about other aspects of ham radio. If you want to Chase DX, talk with people around the world or just be more prepared for the BIG one, you will want to upgrade to a General or Extra. When you first came into the hobby. You probably used a study guide. Time to get one for those higher class licenses. Going online to various study portals can be great for some people. But a BIG plus
Is the availability of tests you can take and get instant feedback?

When I upgraded I took out a study guide from the library, signed up for an online Study guide and took a lot of practice tests. It all was a refresher on things I had forgotten In 30 years and some newer material that did not exist back then! It paid off for me, I passed on my first attempt! As an instructor I know that people learn from different Methods so I must tell you to use what will work for you. If your brain associates things then by all means link difficult things to easier things you can remember and understand!

The same way you took your original test, prepare…rest…take your time. As an examiner I have seen so many people hyped up. RELAX. Take your time. Do not overthink. Go with Your first answer unless you are positive it was wrong. If you don’t know an answer, skip it and return when you reach the end of the test. Quite often you might find the answer in some other portion of the test. Do NOT have blank spaces on your answer sheet. When you still don’t know an answer, eliminate the two dumb ones and pick the one that sounds correct.

When you pass the test you will be able to immediately go on those new frequencies you have been itching to try. You have to have a completion of testing form in your Possession as well as sign your call correctly. WA2NTW/AG would be my temporary Call sign if I had just upgraded. You can drop the suffix once your new class is in the FCC Database.

There are a lot of Technician class licenses but not nearly as many General tickets. If you want to have more fun consider upgrading to General and joining in on a lot more ham radio fun!


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